Built Environment

Fostering Innovative Leaders

The Multidisciplinary Experience of the Innovation Project in Computing, Engineering, and Built Environment

The Innovation Project is a unique team-based experience offered to first-year students in the fields of computing, engineering, and the built environment. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and creativity, our multidisciplinary approach fosters innovative thinking and cultivates the minds of future leaders in these fields.

Our students are challenged to address real-world issues related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) while keeping in mind the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This approach not only helps students to develop problem-solving skills but also instills a sense of social responsibility and commitment to creating purposeful and viable products and solutions.

Technological Design Studio

Level 5 Architectural Technology students design a Scitech £ Innovation Centre in Selly Oak, Birmingham. Sustainability is a principal measure for the success of this building and in accordance with the building purpose, the use of innovative materials and techniques is a requirement of the project. The student proposals will be presented in the Architectural Technology Degree Show on Thursday 23rd May and Friday 24th May. Register your free spot here!

BNV6120 Projects

The University Facility Team is the main client (financing and end-user) for the STEAMhouse project. The University Facility Team are asking for a response to their tender submission in the format of a short video.
All Project Management tender submission organisations have been asked to discuss how they would carry out the role of Project Manager on this project, together with the benefits your specific organisation can offer the University Facility Team, specifically addressing the following:
  • What are the key attributes needed by a Project Manager undertaking this project?
  • Explain what strategies would be applied to deal with, manage and mitigate complex and uncertain quality (control and assurance) issues inherent in this project.
  • Determine and explain how your organisation would manage the project’s stakeholders.
  • Explain the leadership, management and communication strategies to be employed to create a collaborative project culture to enhance the delivery of the project.
  • Discuss the management techniques that your organisation would be employing to manage the project risks.

BNV7200 Projects

BNV7200 Individual Master’s Project module is the apex of the students in our MSc Construction Project Management / Quantity Surveying courses, in which they use the knowledge they have learned in the taught modules and conduct a research on a real-life problem in practice. Students need to clearly identify and define their research topic relevant to the courses they are studying, conduct a comprehensive literature, collect both secondary and primary data, and find practical solutions to their research problems. The final product of this module is in the form of a dissertation of 15,000 words to demonstrate students’ research skills and their understanding of the complexity of construction practice. They will present their research in the format of the poster in the Innovation Festival.