Danqing Liu / Michelle

Glasgow School of Art

Liu Danqing is a BIFCA Graduate who has been involved with IF for the past three years at BIFCA, including working with staff to organise IF:BIFCA 2022 and 2023. She is now studying postgraduate in the UK.

Dr Pam Murrell

CEO Cast Metals Federation

Dr Pamela Murrell has spent her working life in the metals and/or foundry industry. The Cast Metals Federation works to foster development, collaboration and innovation in the UK casting industry, in partnership with businesses and stakeholders, to promote good practice and represent the Best of British casting across the globe.

Keith Scobie-Youngs

CEO Cumbria Clock Company / Top 25 Alumnus

Keith now manages a large team of skilled workers who look after some of the world’s most famous clocks, including their recent restoration work on Big Ben, Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, Hampton Court Palace, Manchester Town Hall’s clock, as well as historic London Underground clocks.

Prof Rob Kinnersley

Chief Scientist Group – Environment Agency

Omar Berryman-Robinson