About Innovation Fest


Innovation Fest

Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and the Built Environment is proud to host the tenth edition of Innovation Fest. This event is a celebration of the creative talents of our undergraduate and postgraduate students, inspiring them to address real-world problems through research and innovation.

Innovation Fest is designed to foster entrepreneurship and support the development of our students as future world-changers. The festival is a vital contributor to the knowledge economy, increasing students’ employability by providing them with genuine portfolio material.

As part of the festival, undergraduate and postgraduate students in Engineering and Computing are invited to showcase their innovative projects that match the current industry challenges. This opportunity allows students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge, gain exposure, and connect with potential employers.

Innovation Fest is more than just a showcase of projects. It provides a platform for students to engage in enterprise, network with industry professionals, and showcase their innovative solutions to real-world challenges. By doing so, they contribute to the advancement of their fields and make a meaningful impact on society.


What is Innovation Fest?

Innovation Fest is a highly anticipated event hosted by Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and the Built Environment. This five-day event, taking place from the 20th to the 24th of May 2024, is a platform for students to exhibit their creativity and problem-solving abilities in addressing current industry challenges.

As part of the university’s experiential learning program, students are encouraged to develop projects within their domains utilizing the latest research, innovative philosophies, and practical solutions. This approach fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, enabling students to make a real-world impact and stand out in a competitive job market.

Industrialists and businesses are invited to attend a guided tour of the event, providing them with an exclusive opportunity to witness the groundbreaking work of these talented students. Participating students will have the chance to showcase their research projects and innovative solutions to potential employers and entrepreneurs, opening doors to future career opportunities.

Innovation Fest is more than just an exhibition of projects. It’s a platform that connects students with industry professionals, providing them with the exposure and networking opportunities necessary to succeed in their chosen fields.