Guest Speakers


At CERN, our work helps to uncover what the universe is made of and how it works. We do this by providing a unique range of particle accelerator facilities to researchers, to advance the boundaries of human knowledge. Our mission is to:
• Perform world-class research in fundamental physics.
• Provide a unique range of particle accelerator facilities that enable research at the forefront of human knowledge, in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.
• Unite people from all over the world to push the frontiers of science and technology, for the benefit of all.
• Train new generations of physicists, engineers, and technicians, and engage all citizens in research and in the values of science.
Cooperation between nations, universities and scientists is the driving force behind CERN’s research.

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

“MSSL is a world-leading space science laboratory. Based in the Surrey Hills near Dorking, MSSL has been developing cutting-edge space research and space technology for over 50 years.

Our research covers all aspects of space research, from understanding the Sun and its interaction with the planets, to understanding galaxies and the matter that makes up the universe. We build and operate cutting edge space hardware for multinational space missions. We also offer state-of-the-art test facilities for ground and space-based technology.

The Department offers a range of post-graduate taught course based on our space and technology research. We also offer research degrees and short courses for continuous professional development.”


“Vectorworks has become a global leader in design technologies for the architecture, engineering, construction, entertainment, and landscape design industries. Our product line is one of the world’s best-selling cross-platform design and BIM applications, and users rely on it to create ground-breaking experiences, environments, and destinations.

From our very beginning in 1985 as MiniCAD, which eventually became Vectorworks, our software has always been a 3D modelling program devoted to helping designers express their visions more clearly to their clients and collaborators.

Vectorworks has played a formative role in the CAD field, having created one of the first CAD programs, one of the first 3D modeling programs, the most successful CAD software for the Mac OS, and the first cross-platform CAD application to market. Vectorworks was also one of the first to introduce BIM capabilities, before BIM became an industry buzzword. We have since redefined the marketplace by setting a high standard for its products, continually optimizing them for new technologies while delivering solutions that support the many workflows and design processes of our users. As a result, Vectorworks has become an internationally respected leader in both CAD and BIM solutions tailored to design.

Today, more than 685,000 designers rely on Vectorworks technology and we work tirelessly to ensure that our products consistently meet their needs while still anticipating future industry developments. Our devotion to our customers and our carefully cultivated partnerships allows Vectorworks to continually exceed expectations and craft a first-rate software solution for designers around the world.”

Peter Ellis

“Peter Ellis has climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and is one of only about 35 people in the UK and about 350 in the world to have done so.
Peter has taken photographs to illustrate his talk and those who have heard him speak say he is very inspirational and entertaining.”

Katie Boddy

“Katie is an analytical engineering graduate with a first class master’s degree in Instrumentation and Control from Teesside University. Employed at Jacobs since September 2022 as a Graduate EC&I Engineer, she applies her educational background to projects, excelling in software like Matlab, AutoCad, and Navisworks. Skilled in leadership, problem-solving, and analytical thinking, she has contributed to projects such as Shaft & Silo in Dounreay and MMF at AWE which have involved design and implementation of communication systems. As an IET member, Katie brings a comprehensive skill set to her engineering role at Jacobs.”

Shervin Yousefzadeh

“Shervin Yousefzadeh currently leads the strategy for the construction sector at GS1 UK, drawing on his strong experience as a previous Head of Digital Construction. His main goal is to build important relationships within the industry and promote the use of GS1 standards. His extensive experience in Building Information Modelling, coupled with significant contributions to transformative projects like the Transpennine Route Upgrade – West, continually shapes his approach. Now, Shervin is dedicated to showcasing the benefits of standardised practices in construction, aiming to make a lasting impact in the industry.”

Keith Scobie-Youngs

“After graduating with a degree in Horology, Keith decided to take a risk and set up his own company. Over 30 years later, Keith now manages a large team of skilled workers who look after some of the world’s most famous clocks, including their recent restoration work on Big Ben, Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, Hampton Court Palace, Manchester Town Hall’s clock, as well as historic London Underground clocks.

With an exciting future ahead, his main goal is to now give back to his industry, as he prepares to offer excellent opportunities to current students.

“We’re keen to put back into the system what we got out of it, as without the School of Jewellery, I wouldn’t be where I am now. The company are now working alongside BCU to offer work experience opportunities. We just think it’s really important to give students an understanding of both the industry and business, and experience part of our world.””

Pamela Murrell

“Dr Pamela Murrell has spent her working life in the metals and/or foundry industry. She leads a small but dedicated and professional team who provide the high level of service that both members and key stakeholders have come to expect from CMF.

The Cast Metals Federation works to foster development, collaboration and innovation in the UK casting industry, in partnership with businesses and stakeholders, to promote good practice and represent the Best of British casting across the globe.

As the single voice for the UK foundry industry, CMF promotes the UK castings industry as a whole, influencing discussions with government bodies, negotiating and consulting on UK and European legislation that affects us all.”