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Qitmeer (Qitmeer Website: is a public chain based on BlockDAG that is dedicated to serving the ecosystem of Islamic and Ethical Finance. Its aims are to enhance financial inclusion and meet objectives that have a social impact.

For this event, all members will receive a free complimentary NFT on the Qitmeer Network.

To redeem the NFT, simply follow the instructions below:

1- Download and install KAHF wallet (

2- Open the app and select “Create Wallet”.

3- Store your mnemonics in a secure place as this will be used to create your unique wallet.

4- On the “Select Chains” page, keep the default settings and click “Next”.

5- Set a name and secure password for your wallet and click “Create”.

6- Towards the top, click on “Balance (EVM)” tab and you should see an address starting with “0x”.

7- Click on this address and submit it to the Microsoft Form (To be provided later) in the Meer Labs Telegram group.